Sunday, March 23, 2014

Finished: Light Trails & Song of the Sea

Spring break week afforded me lots of time for knitting.  Over the past few days I have managed to knit over 1000 yards, finishing my Light Trails sweater in madtosh sport and knitting a Song of the Sea cowl in Manos Fino. 
The Light Trails sweater was a bit daunting.  I purchased the pattern and realized that it has 10 pages.  After reading all of the pages I became aware that the designer, Suvi, did an amazing job explaining everything in great detail.  I couldn't ask for more.  Why then did I managed to screw up the cable panel for my sleeve?  Not sure.  Anyway, I finished it and I love it more than I thought.  It is boxy, and just my style and even though I did not alternate skeins, I like the effect of the hand painted yarn.
There are many notes on my Ravelry project page for anyone curious about further details. 
So I decided it was time to use some vacation yarn and beat my queue.  Next, I cast on a Song of the Sea Cowl.  The pattern is well written with charts and written instructions both.  The yarn was well worth the wait.  I love how buttery and easy to use Manos yarns are.  I noticed it had little fuzz balls reminding me of madelinetosh dandelion and that made me like it even more!  The colors throughout the yarn were rich but subtle and perfectly mocking of the sea theme.
In other news, I have developed startitis for the first time this year.  Feeling a furious need to cast on everything and knit instead of sleep.  I have worked through my queue, putting it together in a manic order and paired it all with stash yarn.  I'd say I am in for a lot of knitting this year.  While I dream of many more wooly sweaters, I have cast on another Dissent shawl (this time for me) in glorious NBK and Shibui yarns...
I would love to continue to chat but knitfm and my project are calling me...
Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Finished: Work + Shelter & Pei

Forgive me, I have been a bad updater.  Things have been a bit hectic and while I can't say I have given up knitting, my completion rate is hitting a low.  Maybe I am exaggerating though, since I have finished two projects (and made significant progress on two others) in the last month.  

My Work + Shelter tee by Holla Knits is complete.  I bought this yarn many moons ago in Arkansas-- on sale.  I was a bit worried as cotton has a bad reputation on hands.  My only complaint is that even with gauge this top turned out huge.  I am starting to wonder if I just don't know what to size I wear.  I wouldn't call it a complete loss as I have been wearing it pretty much non stop since the sun has been out, but I would probably be happier with something two sizes smaller. 

I also managed to finish a Pei cowl in madelinetosh dandelion.... I am not sure I will be able to put together appropriate sentences about how amazing this yarn is.  When I ordered it I was concerned about the linen content.  I thought, well it looks a lot like TML but... Truth is, dandelion has become one of my favorite yarns, if not my favorite.  The colorway used is Opaline, which has a tremendous amount of depth. Is it telling that I am wearing the cowl as I type this?  (I really am.)

I've made progress on a pair of Rye socks for Phillip out of Malabrigo Rios... This will be my first full venture into sock territory.  So far so good. 

AND, the cream of my knitting crop... A few weeks ago I begged Phillip to take me to a fiber fest in another state.  Surprisingly (not really), he immediately agreed because he is a great husband and knows that I will be endlessly entertained.  Anyhow, I realized that I obviously must wear something beautiful and impressive to the event, which is in a few weeks.  I scoured Ravelry (story of my life) and found the Light Trails sweater.  First, it is my style.  Boxy, and a bit awkward.  Naturally, I immediately cast on.  With my madelinetosh sport (!!!).  I had been fighting the feeling to hoard the  yarn and never use it in case madtosh stopped existing, but I cast on.  The pattern is incredibly detailed (something like 10 pages) and there are instructions probably where instructions aren't necessary (I believe this to be a good thing.).  So I am dutifully working the pattern and I finally join in the round.  Whoops, I attached one of my sleeve panels the wrong way. WTF.  I wanted to jump off a bridge for a while but kept on going.  So I will be the mirrored sleeve panel lady at the fiber fest.  At least I will be in a sweater that cost $130, right?

Happy Knitting!!