Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Updates!

It is funny how I have more readers (and page views) than ever and somehow I have neglected to updated this for a long, long while.  Most of my life was turned upside down when I took a new job, so I have been trying to focus on something other than fiber pursuits, but now that I am in the swing of things, I have returned to my former self.... My fingers have been flying here and there and I am approaching my goals of 12 hats in 2012, along with 12 cowls in 2012.  I promised myself that I wouldn't only knit accessories, so there are plenty of other projects padding my 2012 roster.  

Since my last post I have finished a Simple Sprinkle cowl by Veera Valimaki, which turned out to be the wrong color scheme for my taste--though an excellent pattern for left overs! 

A Dovetail Cowl by Carina Spencer in Malabrigo Worsted in Marine.. which I love. (I am already working on another version in light gray Cascade 220 for a beautiful friend of mine!) 

A Windschief hat by Stephen West, which was gifted to me by an amazing fellow Raveler, which just so happens to fit Phillip's head wonderfully.  Though I never thought I would use Cascade 220 in Olive Heather again. 

I also began another pair of some cloudy days in unknown superwash dk weight wool... one down, one to go... and I started a Triangle Loop, which I am unsure of at this point.  I went through a few weeks where I wasn't knitting, so I decided to frog every living item that I hated... it cushioned my stash and provided me with something yarn-y without concentration.  I guess this post is dedicated to those items... RIP Star Crossed Beret-- thanks to you I have more Malabrigo Worsted... and RIP to my Holden Shawlette that somewhere dropped a stitch (obviously not my fault)... thanks to you I now have 600+ yards of Silky Wool to dream a Shaelyn into production.