Saturday, February 23, 2013

Finished: Sugared Violets

Last weekend I finished my Sugared Violets shawl by Rose Beck.  I have been into this pattern for a really long time.  The yarn is hand dyed that I picked up last summer at an arts festival.  The combination is light and airy and I am really happy with how it turned out.  I was going to run out of yarn so I cut one of the last repeats out and bound off with k2tbl, which is incredibly stretchy. 

I'd say major kudos to Rose Beck on this one.  Easy to knit, but beautiful enough to impress everyone. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Stash Update

The birthday weekend extravaganza is almost over.  I can't say I am happy; in fact, I am dreading the return to "real" life.  When can I have three full days off to do nothing but knit and shop for yarn as my heart desires?  Of course, we all know about my splurge on my needles; it didn't really hit me until today after a trip to a yarn store when I picked up a sweaters amount of Malabrigo Rios (in Pearl Ten) for a Driven sweater... say, if my gauge is off that's no big thing, I'll just dig in my little plastic bag and try another!  It is something I won't be able to take for granted.  The yarn is beautiful and I couldn't resist.  I had to cast on for a gauge swatch (yes, seriously).  I seem to remember the pattern being slightly intimidating when I bought it a year and a half ago but I have knit many sweaters since then and when I pulled it out of my binder just a few minutes ago, I read it breezily, thinking, "Oh hell, I can do that!"... I guess so is the progression of a knitters life.  

I also picked up a skein of Noro Silk Garden Sock... I couldn't help myself.  As I have mentioned, I have been on a serious blue kick lately.  I found myself drawn to it, but I had my mind made up on getting it before I even walked into the store.  

All of these purchases were made possible by the generous gift certificate my mother in law gave me yesterday.  I feel so incredibly lucky that my family really gets or accepts how obsessed I really am.  Even Phillip mentioned something flippantly to me when discussing what he had told someone to get me for my birthday.  It went something like this: 
Me: "Well, what did you say?" 
Phillip: "I said yarn. It's all you ever want."  

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me...

Yesterday was my birthday and I promised myself a little splurge.  I visited my usual LYS and dug around for a while and found a beautiful skein of Sweet Fiber Yarns (in color Fossil) that I had to have.  I milled around for a really long time and nothing was striking my fancy.  I ended up in deep conversation with a few of the ladies who work there and before I knew it they were talking me into buying an interchangeable set.  Here's the thing, I have needed a set for a really long time.  I find myself digging around for needles that don't exist in my collection; even Phillip has been trying to talk me into the splurge.  But for whatever reason I decided to take the plunge yesterday... the set is by Knitters Pride and somehow I wound up feeling quite smug when I realized they were half the price of the Addi's I have been eyeing for years. The ladies also told me that should I have an issue with a needle or a cable I can bring it into the store for a replacement.

In actual knitting news, I cast on a Sugared Violets shawl by Rose Beck yesterday.  I have been fawning over this pattern for a while--it is simple, but the end result strikes me as looking complicated without trying too hard.  I have been moving along on the increase sections and this special hand dyed skein seems to be perfect. 

Also, to top off the birthday knitting extravaganza a wonderful friend sent me the pattern for the Eternity Cardigan by Brooklyn Tweed.  If only I had 1600+ yards just lying around... Off to the drawing board to find the best deal I can for this amazing project. 
Happy Knitting!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Finished: Idlewood

I guess my last post came too soon.  I had no idea that I would embark on a knitting marathon yesterday which included binding off Idlewood.  Now that it is completed and I've had an opportunity to test out the fit (I never did on the needles, not sure why), I am actually quite in love with the color.  The pattern is really great. I can see myself knitting this again and again and again.  I opted not to do sleeves even though I had plenty of yarn left over (including a rogue skein which was hiding in my stash)... 

Speaking of stash, since the purchase of our new platform bed I have been pondering a way to store my yarn without actually having oodles of clutter and drawers around the bedroom. We have never had a bed which allowed us to shove stuff underneath, so after a trip to Home Depot I now have about 1/3 of my yarn hidden out of view which is a big improvement over having skeins in every nook and cranny. 

And even though I came across a slew of things that made me think, "..forgot about that.." I am still dreaming of my birthday splurge... a sweater quantity of Madelinetosh?  Differing skeins of something luscious like Malabrigo Worsted?  A whole lot of work horse yarns like 220?  Ahh, the possibilities are endless.  

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Finished: Seaside

I have been meaning to make this post most of the week but the thought escaped me at every turn.  Not too much to report in the way of knitting; don't get me wrong, I have been knitting away but nothing too extravagant this week.
Last weekend, I cast on another ships and seaside by TOK.  I am not sure how much detail I went into on my last seaside excursion but here's the thing: I am terrible at Kitchener. And what am I even worse at? Kitchener in the round... I sat down in a quiet corner with youtube and my project and I flubbed it again... So what did I do, you ask?  I bound off and sent it home with a work friend to mattress it all up for me.  I made the cowl in Rowan Felted Tweed, which is always dreamy.
I also cast on an Idlewood sweater in Berroco Vintage... I've had this yarn in my stash for a very long time--few years?  The gauge is really loose on 10's which is in some ways beautiful and in other ways showing every decrease in all its glory.  I really shouldn't complain. I started it and less than a week later I am almost finished.  I knit a lot at my work desk and hear this and that regarding my projects.. "Oh, pretty color!" etc.  With Idlewood, I heard " that is pea green.."  Still trying to decide if it was meant as pea green or pee green... we'll see.
In other news, my birthday is less than a week away and I can't stop dreaming of what splurge is to come!
Happy Knitting!