Saturday, February 2, 2013

Finished: Seaside

I have been meaning to make this post most of the week but the thought escaped me at every turn.  Not too much to report in the way of knitting; don't get me wrong, I have been knitting away but nothing too extravagant this week.
Last weekend, I cast on another ships and seaside by TOK.  I am not sure how much detail I went into on my last seaside excursion but here's the thing: I am terrible at Kitchener. And what am I even worse at? Kitchener in the round... I sat down in a quiet corner with youtube and my project and I flubbed it again... So what did I do, you ask?  I bound off and sent it home with a work friend to mattress it all up for me.  I made the cowl in Rowan Felted Tweed, which is always dreamy.
I also cast on an Idlewood sweater in Berroco Vintage... I've had this yarn in my stash for a very long time--few years?  The gauge is really loose on 10's which is in some ways beautiful and in other ways showing every decrease in all its glory.  I really shouldn't complain. I started it and less than a week later I am almost finished.  I knit a lot at my work desk and hear this and that regarding my projects.. "Oh, pretty color!" etc.  With Idlewood, I heard " that is pea green.."  Still trying to decide if it was meant as pea green or pee green... we'll see.
In other news, my birthday is less than a week away and I can't stop dreaming of what splurge is to come!
Happy Knitting!

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