Friday, July 4, 2014

2014: Year of the shawl?

Wow, I have been horrible about updating... About knitting, too.  Life has gotten in the way and I feel busy and tired and just can't seem to get myself in a "real" knitting mood.  I feel like this happens every year.  Like I go through this cycle of a month or two where no project seems right.  Eventually it balances out but, it is a waiting game.  

Despite all of that, I have finished a whole lot of projects since we last spoke.  

First was Strathcona by Jane Richmond in Quince and Co Sparrow.  I had never used Sparrow before and to be fair even though I LOVE linen, my only knitting with it had been in the chain variety.  Sparrow is a much improvement on my previous linen projects, and I imagine if I weren't putting myself through a yarn diet that I would want a whole wardrobe made of the stuff.  I ended up gifting this to Sarah, to make up for the previously mentioned Bolt catastrophe. 

Then I moved onto Crocus Shawl by Rose Beck which was made with yarn from Dallas.  I ended up really liking this pattern.  I happen to have an affection for that shape of shawl so this was nice. 

After Crocus, I decided to dip back into my Dallas stash and picked some yarn out for Aichmo by Lisa Mutch.  This was pretty neat and easy garter which gave my mind a break from the lace charts of my previous projects.  The contrasting yarn is Shibui, which you can never go wrong with.

Then Lisa asked if I would be interesting in test knitting again. DUH.  So I hauled some Araucania and Cascade Fingering out for Decibel.  Another garter, stripey shawl to add to my collection.  (P.S. The pattern is now available on Ravelry and I highly recommend it!)  I used slightly smaller needles than those called for so this certainly isn't the biggest thing I've ever knit, but I am happy with it and the color combination will be perfect for fall and winter.

And then because apparently I hadn't had enough, I cast on for Glitz on the Ritz from knitty with some tosh merino light in Jade.  I ordered that yarn a long while ago and had been waiting and dreaming of what to do with it.  Well, I figured it out.  This pattern was a lot more complicated than the others but certainly not an issue to knit. 

Phew, ok... I feel as though my brain isn't allowing me bigger projects at the moment.  I have cast on numerous sweaters only to have them lay around and gather dust until I either work a row or two, or frog it while I cry at my good intentions.  I have a few sweaters planned actually, so hopefully before fall my brain will revert back to its normal self.  Until then I will keep casting on these shawls... small, but challenging.  Can you ever really have enough?  I am starting to wonder...

Happy Knitting! (And 4th!)