Thursday, January 26, 2012

Finished: Toasty

Mmmm. Toasty gloves are done in about a days worth of work.  We picked up this Cascade 220 a few years ago while on vacation in Colorado.  It sat in my stash untouched for a long time until months ago when I decided to use it as a CC on P's' Turn a Square hat.  Once I had resurrected it from the dead I felt like it was important to use the remnants (almost 80% of the skein) into something for myself, so that each of us had something to remember the trip by.  And so Toasty was born. (thanks to leslie for putting out the free pattern!)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Project Planning 2012

Seems like 2012 is off to a good start. I have already knit 4 projects and all of those have come from yarn purchased before 2012--i.e. stash yarn. It sounds bizarre to nonknitters but the fact that I haven't bought yarn in 24 days is pretty significant. It feels good to use up some things and not worry about spending so I am going to go with it for a little while, or at least until my yarn runs out. I decided to go through my large queue and pull out my next up projects and pair them with stash yarn--so far so good.
Agnes--Berroco Weekend Chunky
Annabel Cardigan--Cascade Eco +
Toasty--Queensland Collection Kathmandu Aran
Beatnik--Berroco Vintage
Foxgloves/Mirry Dancers (can't decide)--Quince and Co Chickadee
Traveling Woman--Blue Sky Alpacas Silk
Dimple Hat--Foothills Alpaca
Damson--Ranco Multi
Rose Red--Bergere de France Origin Alpaga
Antler Mitts--Eco Duo

There are a few other things on the horizon, but it is hard to feel like I am lacking a project or yarn after looking at this list... There is bound to be an entire years worth of knitting and that is only about 1/2 the stash.
In all fairness, I am currently comparing yarns for my Birthday Sweater, which I will be buying yarn for.  My one nice splurge to say "way to go! another year down!"... I am having trouble deciding between Effortless Cardigan and Driven but knowing me, I will be going back and forth until February 8th when I hit "checkout" on my yarn cart.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Finished: Ships & Seaside

I will spare the gory details of what happened to this project last night. Blame being tired, being brain dead or an extraterrestrial force looking to screw up my project. Either way, call  it done and done..and done with stash yarn.

I recently ordered The Knitter's Life List and I can't wait! 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Finished: Cobblestone Pullover

Dearest Olive Heather Cascade 220, 
When I spotted you on Webs, I thought you would be perfect. I thought, "okay, now here is a color I can see Phillip wearing!"... you see, Phillip's color choices are limited to a mute palette of about one green, one brown, and maybe a blue here or there.  If I was going to invest so much time into a project, I wanted it to be one that he loved... or at least would wear more than the obligatory once to make all the work okay.  I know I cheated on you many, many, many (about 4 miles worth) times, but I knew as winter approached, I had no choice but to continue our lackluster relationship. I knew I would be destined to be sitting along in a chair watching Law and Order reruns when really I wanted to be out, dancing the night away with a project much more mentally stimulating. 
A few days ago when I reached the short row section, I knew I was almost done. I knew I wouldn't have to pretend like I loved you much longer... that soon enough I would be risking life and limb to weave in about 100 ends.  I stayed up late to bring the end closer... I worked until my arms were aching and waking me up in the middle of the night.  I fiendishly told everyone who would listen at work that I desperately wanted to go home to finish you.  You may take this as a sign of affection but it wasn't.  You should know that I misread the pattern and wasn't nearly as close to the end as I thought.  I was devastated. I wanted to cry thinking I would be lugging around the 10 lb bag you lay in for even longer. 
Yesterday during the millionth Law and Order episode, I measured you dutifully and almost screamed when I realized I was to your ending point.  It didn't matter that I still had about two hours worth of finishing work... I was just glad I didn't have another massive stockinette or end garter row.  As I reflect on our time together, I should say that I was harsh.  You weren't so bad. You treated me well and always told me without much prodding that I had made a mistake (even though I didn't care too much).  You never had any weird or wrongly written pattern notes.  You fit really well without any tedious blocking.  And most importantly, you will clothe and keep my love warm all winter.  

All those sweet things said, I never want to see you again---11 months and 20 days was long enough. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Knitting Updates

After finishing orchids & fairy lights, I needed a little break... Okay, not really a break-break, but mindless knitting that takes not much concentration or thought. I went through a few ideas and reorganized my stash, but  realized I had been seriously neglecting Phillip's Cobblestone Pullover, whom I couldn't stop cheating on with more exciting projects. I pulled its remains out of a flattened bag and began what has been a peaceful journey to its sleeves.  
I began the sweater almost a year ago, and I dutifully promised when I bought all (hopefully on sale, or maybe I just said that) the yarn that I would cloth my dearest by next years winter... Well, here we are.  Luckily snow has yet to reach our neck of the woods so technically I am still within my deadline.  I have about 13 inches of the body done, and am a few away from starting the sleeves and then onto the short rows, which for some reason  scare the hell out of me.  I imagine I should be done in the next two (or so) weeks unless I get one of those strange 3 am wake up calls, where the only way out of zombie-dom is to knit, knit, knit until the alarm goes off. 
Unfortunately there isn't much of a way to photograph the thing as it just looks like a heaping tube of stockinette stitch, but I assure you one day it will (hopefully--fingers crossed I didn't screw up) look great on my love. 

After Cobblestone, I have a few projected queued for deep winter knitting.. as of today I am currently searching for yarn for (TOK's)  fairy star chair mats, reading and rereading the pattern for Driven, and studying every book I can find on sock construction... yes, it is true. I have recently decided to delve into the world of socks.  I am so far from petrified and very obviously enjoy torturing myself, but it seems like the Knitter thing to do. 

*In other news, I have been obsessed with Yarn Harlot's "new" book, All Wound Up... Stephanie knows how to word the daily scenarios of knitters like no other.... (even Phillip read the first story!)*

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Finished: orchids & fairy lights

I have been wanting to make this hat for a long time.  I can't recall when I actually bought the pattern, but I do know it took me at least two or three false starts before I made it anywhere. The pattern, by tiny owl knits, isn't exactly "hard" but it is really tedious and you have to be aware of where you are constantly.  I would say this is one for a quiet spot, with no distractions.  I was "given" a stroke of luck as I woke up one morning around 3 am, restless and awake... I spent the next 5 hours in a comfy chair finishing it up! 

I think before this year is over I should attempt to adapt the Meow Mitts into replicas of Charlie and Alex...yes/yes?!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Finished: Winter's Fog Gloves

All finished with Phillip's Winter's Fog (Vancouver Fog) Gloves... I am proud of myself for finishing such a nice pair of gloves (with thumbs!) in just three days.. I'd say 2012 is off to a great start!