Monday, January 9, 2012

Knitting Updates

After finishing orchids & fairy lights, I needed a little break... Okay, not really a break-break, but mindless knitting that takes not much concentration or thought. I went through a few ideas and reorganized my stash, but  realized I had been seriously neglecting Phillip's Cobblestone Pullover, whom I couldn't stop cheating on with more exciting projects. I pulled its remains out of a flattened bag and began what has been a peaceful journey to its sleeves.  
I began the sweater almost a year ago, and I dutifully promised when I bought all (hopefully on sale, or maybe I just said that) the yarn that I would cloth my dearest by next years winter... Well, here we are.  Luckily snow has yet to reach our neck of the woods so technically I am still within my deadline.  I have about 13 inches of the body done, and am a few away from starting the sleeves and then onto the short rows, which for some reason  scare the hell out of me.  I imagine I should be done in the next two (or so) weeks unless I get one of those strange 3 am wake up calls, where the only way out of zombie-dom is to knit, knit, knit until the alarm goes off. 
Unfortunately there isn't much of a way to photograph the thing as it just looks like a heaping tube of stockinette stitch, but I assure you one day it will (hopefully--fingers crossed I didn't screw up) look great on my love. 

After Cobblestone, I have a few projected queued for deep winter knitting.. as of today I am currently searching for yarn for (TOK's)  fairy star chair mats, reading and rereading the pattern for Driven, and studying every book I can find on sock construction... yes, it is true. I have recently decided to delve into the world of socks.  I am so far from petrified and very obviously enjoy torturing myself, but it seems like the Knitter thing to do. 

*In other news, I have been obsessed with Yarn Harlot's "new" book, All Wound Up... Stephanie knows how to word the daily scenarios of knitters like no other.... (even Phillip read the first story!)*

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