Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Project Planning 2012

Seems like 2012 is off to a good start. I have already knit 4 projects and all of those have come from yarn purchased before 2012--i.e. stash yarn. It sounds bizarre to nonknitters but the fact that I haven't bought yarn in 24 days is pretty significant. It feels good to use up some things and not worry about spending so I am going to go with it for a little while, or at least until my yarn runs out. I decided to go through my large queue and pull out my next up projects and pair them with stash yarn--so far so good.
Agnes--Berroco Weekend Chunky
Annabel Cardigan--Cascade Eco +
Toasty--Queensland Collection Kathmandu Aran
Beatnik--Berroco Vintage
Foxgloves/Mirry Dancers (can't decide)--Quince and Co Chickadee
Traveling Woman--Blue Sky Alpacas Silk
Dimple Hat--Foothills Alpaca
Damson--Ranco Multi
Rose Red--Bergere de France Origin Alpaga
Antler Mitts--Eco Duo

There are a few other things on the horizon, but it is hard to feel like I am lacking a project or yarn after looking at this list... There is bound to be an entire years worth of knitting and that is only about 1/2 the stash.
In all fairness, I am currently comparing yarns for my Birthday Sweater, which I will be buying yarn for.  My one nice splurge to say "way to go! another year down!"... I am having trouble deciding between Effortless Cardigan and Driven but knowing me, I will be going back and forth until February 8th when I hit "checkout" on my yarn cart.


  1. 24 days IS significant! Once I tried (really hard) not to buy yarn and only made it 14.
    I think right now I'm at ..OMGOSH!!! I just counted and I am at 24, too!!! Yep. It is VERY significant. We should be getting congratulations everywhere we turn. ^_^
    Your queue is looking good. A few of those garments I've been wanting to make too, like Beatnik. ♥

  2. we should do a KAL for Beatnik! the pattern is really very intimidating and I am horrible at seaming.