Sunday, December 12, 2010

Finished: Mary Janes

Ok, I officially did it! I gave in and knit a pair... I changed my mind at the last minute about which pattern and used the "Ridiculously easy Mary Jane slippers" pattern that I found on Craftster but I am happy about it... and my feet are too! Yay!

The pattern called for chunky yarn, I instead used Berroco Vintage doubled and size 8 needles. The sewing was minimal and overall I would say this pattern should be classified in the super-duper easy (and quick! Less than 4 hours) category. I am planing on making some modifications and using a stiffer yarn (maybe Cascade) for a pair for Phillip.
And now that I've got my mojo back, I may tackle all those silly one sleeved sweaters lingering in my knitting bag.... we shall see.