Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yellow Summer

On Wednesday night my Mirasol Qina arrived in the mail and I immediately started my Summer Flies Shawl. The pattern is really well written with easy to remember repeats, but I wouldn't exactly call it mindless knitting as every row has written instructions. I got pretty far but on Thursday I started the ruffled edge.... Geesh! The number of stitches doubled and by the time I cast off last night my hands were begging for a break. I could hardly wait to get up this morning to check on it and I couldn't be any happier! I love love love this yarn/pattern combo! I really like the "sampler" quality of the pattern and it gives the knitter an opportunity to show off different techniques without being too overwhelming. I considered not doing the picot edge but it really sets off the ruffle and I'm not too sure it would have been the same without it.

I have been so flattered by all the lovely comments on Rav-they have made me blush big time!

This afternoon I also worked on a woven scarf for Phillip. A few days ago I realized I had yet to reward him for my gifted Cricket so I grabbed some Knitpicks Swish from my stash and in a few hours finished his
Husband Scarf.

I now have 9 projects for the year and we're not even out of January yet! In the coming days (once my hands have been given a much needed rest) I am looking forward to starting my Daybreak Shawl, designed by Stephen West. I began working on a Boneyard Shawl by him and the pattern seems to be going well. It is similiar to the Simple Things Shawl a few posts back though, so I have put it in the knitting bag to gather dust until I am ready to get back into the yarn over-shawl game. I am also interested in starting the Cedar Leaf Shawlette with the lovely Bergere Alpaga I was gifted on Christmas.

Lots to think about, lots to plan and lots to knit!

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