Thursday, April 24, 2014

Finished: Dissent II, Cap Sleeve II & Bolt

I feel like it has been much longer since my last update but I guess it has only been a month.  During the last few weeks I have finished quite a few projects and managed to get myself to Dallas for a Fiber Festival.  If I had updated after my return home I feel like I would have overwhelmed you with many !!!s, so maybe you're lucky I didn't. 

First, let me say that I have the awesomest husband on earth.  Not only did he agree to drive me five hours to go to a yarn festival, but it was on his birthday... Not many men would be willing to do that, and trust me, I am fully aware.  While I was there I spent some much needed time with Rachael, the spinner of my dreams, ran into Stephanie (the Yarn Harlot) in a restroom, met new and wonderful Ravelry friends, and I managed to pick up more yarn than I can knit.
(For my blogs sake, I have only included one or two skeins from each lot that I've recently purchased.)
Madelinetosh had a booth and I somehow showed self-restraint by only buying a few skeins of TML in Glazed Pecan.  I love this color and am dreaming of the perfect project for it. 
I also picked up more Brooks Farm Solo Silk which I previously made Gemini out of.. I love this yarn and two skeins goes a long way.  This is to become a Spring Garden Tee.
A skein of Gritty Knits, fingering weight in a beautiful purple color. Perhaps, an Ishbel for me.
A couple skeins of Solo Act by Yarn Carnival.  One has already been used for a Bolt Shawl but that will be pictured below.  No pattern clues on this blue skein, but I am in love with the saturation.
A sweaters worth of Brooklyn Tweed Loft, because I just can't find it anywhere close and I HAD to have it.. The color is cast iron.  I keep going back and forth on this but I feel like it is destined to become a Framed Pullover by Hannah Fettig or my much obsessed over Hayward by Julie Hoover.  (Thoughts on these two choices are welcome!)
And because I apparently don't have enough yarn, I received two shipments of the Plucky Knitter.  First, a few skeins of Traveler Sport via the Gray's Club.  My (amazing) boss and I sat at our desks refreshing paypal trying to get to these, and they are seriously my favorite gray.  These scream Billowing by Cecily Glowik MacDonald to me...
Two skeins of Plucky Feet via the Blues Club... I have been obsessed with blue lately and these are not helping at all.
OH! And doubly because I don't have enough yarn, I went to a sale at one of the LYS's... I didn't go crazy, but I have decided that Phil and I should probably get an insurance policy on my stash.
Two skeins of Mirasol Ushya that will be Libration by Alicia Plummer.
A sweaters worth of Berroco Comfort because the color reminds me of Quince's Cypress and I really want to see how Comfort holds up in a garment. 
And lastly about 960 yards that Kristi (said amazing boss) and I split of a lot of Silky Wool in a great green-y color.
PHEW! Ok, and onto finished projects.  I had to knit up the handspun Rachael gifted me a while back.  The beautiful red that you saw?  Well, I worked it up into a Cap Sleeve Lattice Top by Purl Bee and boy is it wonderful.  The colors are subtle and the yarn was amazing!
Before that I knit another Dissent Shawl out of Shibui and NBK.  I thought this one was for me.  I even wore it around for a few weeks but then it found a new home with a very, very knit-worthy friend Sarah.  I have no doubt she will love it and take care of it.
And after allowing Sarah to pick out the pattern of her dreams, she settled on Bolt by Veera... Sarah likes it so I will refrain from bad mouthing but I am really unhappy with the end result.  The yarn is Madtosh and Solo Act so it's not the fault of the yarn... I know how to knit and can follow instructions, so maybe it is not my fault.  I do short rows a bit different than the described method in the pattern, but because I didn't want wacky wedges thought I would follow the pattern 100%... My only issue with the finished item? The short rows and the wacky wedges :(  Sarah was gracious enough to pretend like I was being picky or a bit of a perfectionist but I think I am done with Veera's garter/stripes/short row patterns.  (I say this after having knit most if not all of them...and before you ask, I blocked the hell out of that thing twice, and while it helped a tiny bit my stomach still turned when looking at it.) 
And so now you have heard the last month.  It's a lot, huh?  Off I am to pretend we live in Alaska and knit, knit, knit.
Happy Knitting!  

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