Monday, April 4, 2011

Thinking with my hands

I am afraid I have not been knitting nearly as much as I would like. After I visited my doctor and was told I should have hand surgery, I sort of wondered whether I should put the needles down to avoid any additional aggravation on my poor hand. It is not that the "injury" (i.e. cysts) forced my mind into a spiral of hatred for my passion, but I began to think about all the ways I used (and must) use my hands in order to function, and immediately, I thought it would be better if I avoided any sort of strenuous activity, like getting my knit on, which usually lasts for hours and days.

I have now gone without knitting for over a month and while I can't say it has been torturous hell, I have been experiencing signs of withdrawl as I urgently feel a strange wave of boredom come over me as I sit to watch television, as I may sometimes sit on the bus and when I am searching our home for something to do. Luckily I have been quite busy with our move into a new place, and various other little projects but as I sit here and begin to realize that I normally take the spring and summer off from yarn endeavors, I am feeling quite lonely and like a terrible mate to all of my lovely fiber. It may be months before I begin to plan or before I scour the internet for a project and something about that makes me feel off. I guess through all of this I have realized what a huge piece of meditation I get from knitting, the repeating in my head, the slow progression of the pattern. Somewhere along the way I forgot that that is what knitting is about... not just the finished product.

I am hoping that with this break will come a new appreciation for my knitting, that I will come to understand that every project is about something important. That each new challenge will teach me about myself. That every planned piece for someone I love should be finished to the best of my ability and that these hand crafted gems should be cherished forever. I am not sure how much longer I can go without my friend... I imagine I will begin digging in my stash for something soon enough but I love what this break has taught me about myself and the hobby that sometimes starts to get muddled in all the excitement.

On my drool list lays:
Santa Rosa, a new, unpublished pattern... Racer back tank. Love, Love, Love.
Urth, another wonderful project by Norah Gaughan
Stockinette Stitch Shrug, a shrug shown in black... yay!
Sweet Robin Wristees, another lovely project from Tiny Owl Knits that uses intarsia in the best way possible.

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