Saturday, March 2, 2013

Progress: Tea with Jam and Bread

I have been terrible about updating this lately.. it is not as if I have not been knitting, but I haven't actually finished anything! I have spent the last week working on Tea with Jam and Bread out of Ella Rae Classic.  I have finished the body as of this morning and only have the remaining sleeves... I am crossing my fingers that I will be able to wear it before the weather flees. I am still toying with the stripes for the sleeves, I basically stopped looking at the pattern once I broke off for the sleeves, so maybe I will play around with the stripe sequence until I find something visually appealing to me. The pattern states to begin the first contrasting color stripe before the break off, and I didn't think a large box across my shoulders would be too nice.  

After finishing Tea, I have too many projects planned to even mention.  I am praying each night for five more sets of hands so I can pack in as much knitting as possible! Beyond my ravelry queue, which is getting out of control, I am drooling to begin Inversion Cardigan, Guernsey Triangle, Danforth Pullover
Happy Knitting! 

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