Friday, August 16, 2013

Finished: Levenwick and Henslowe

I have had a productive few weeks of knitting but I am anxious about the arrival of fall and winter.  I feel like I have a queue full of too much and not enough hands to knit, knit, knit.  I have recently finished my Levenwick sweater and my Henslowe shawl (pattern gifted to me a while back by a generous Raveler).  
I was to a point with Levenwick when I really wanted to give up.  The pattern is well written and not nearly as complicated as the many pages would have you believe but I found myself bored and wishing I had picked something in the round to avoid all those rows of purling (which I actually don't mind!). Thanks to Orange is the New Black on Netflix and a few hours of gritting my teeth, I finished my new sweater.  And onto the bad news.. it is too big even after ripping out the sleeves.  I have a tendency to make everything too big because that seems so much better than too little... this sweater could have used a lot of inches of negative ease though.  I am not sure how much wear it will get but maybe under bunches of layers, I will not look as if I raided a giant's closet. (The second photo shows the severity.)

As for Henslowe, I couldn't have asked for an easier pattern.  It too looks much more complicated than it actually is.  The picot bind off was torture as I expected and much like Levenwick I wanted to run away but Beth Kling has made a pattern which looks really difficult without that much effort, and those are always my favorite! 

Upcoming projects are calling my name!  

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