Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Finished: Anthropologie Headwrap

I feel as though my knitting has been slow moving but really, it has.  I have been working along on Damson, which is coming along quite well and  I have picked up my Rosebud for a few rows but nothing substantial to show just yet.. sorta.

I have taken up a few projects for friends lately, which is quite a haul from my normal knitting pattern.  Just a while back I gifted a pregnant friend a Columbia Cowl, made with the Malabrigo Gruesa that I picked up at my LYS's new year sale.  Surprisingly, I loved working with the yarn! I tend to hate thick and thin yarn but this one moved like butter and I never found a break or a piece too thin to work with.  
Overall, I am quite happy and my friend loved it. 

Another coworker asked me about making an ear warming type headband.  There are a million nice patterns strewn about Ravelry but I eventually settled on the Anthropologie-Inspired Headwrap, which turned out divine in Plymouth Alpaca Grande.  The yarn is soft and not nearly as pilly as I expected.  Even though she is moving along to California soon, I still hope she will get a little wear out of it, and even then it doubles as a headband should she decide to button it a little higher on her head. 

I recently picked up a copy of The Opinionated Knitter by Elizabeth Zimmermann, which I fully intend to immerse myself in in the coming days.  Can not wait! 

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  1. Cute headband! ♥
    and I love The Opinionated Knitter: It's pretty and nostalgic.