Sunday, November 25, 2012

Progress: Castle Pullover

I have been working my needles like a mad woman lately.  With the long holiday weekend over, I have finished all of my Christmas knitting---yes, it's true, and we still have something like 30+ days, huh?  I shouldn't brag too much.  I have been wanting to make the patterns of my gifts for a long while so it was easy to muster the courage to work on them.  They also awarded me another 500-ish yards to my year total, so I'd say the last week or so has been a tremendous success! 

I also started my Castle Pullover two days ago.  I decided to use some Elann Highland Wool my mother in law gifted me last year.  It was the only amount of stash yarn I had that somehow equaled a sweater and I just had to, especially when Cecily had a special on her patterns.  I am almost done with the body and toying with the idea of 3/4 sleeves.  Still haven't made the choice but I am somewhere near approaching my seventh skein and still have two left. Somewhere in the back of my head I am picturing wearing it with a long sleeve mustard top, so we'll see.  I think the lace will actually look quite nice once I am finishing blocking the piece. I am dreading the return to work, if only because I will have to put down the sweater. 

While I was on the topic of the holidays, I have begun the sweating that begins when cyber Monday starts approaching.  Will I buy anything?  Can I really afford any more yarn or more importantly, do I have a place to house it anyway?  Single luxury skeins or work horse sweater quantities...? The feeling of dread that comes over me is epic.. Webs has free shipping on orders over $75, but really?  Maybe I can find something better?  The questions are never ending.... I still haven't made the big decisions, but you can believe I will be red eyed with my calculator in tow at my laptop around midnight.  

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