Saturday, December 1, 2012

Finished: Castle & Cyber Monday!

On Thursday, I had one garter row left on my last sleeve of my Castle Pullover.  For seven dutiful days, I worked on the sweater... over 800 yards.  When I bound off, I put it on, and it fit wonderfully-- despite the pounds that have been falling off of me from my illness. I couldn't be happier.  The pattern is simple, the lace looks great and with the 100% wool I used, it kept me warm most of Friday when I wore it to work. So many thanks to my generous mother in law who gifted me the yarn for my birthday earlier this year.

Well, as I anticipated, I was dragged out of bed on Monday morning, bleary eyed, tired and a little grumpy to check all the sales out.  I ended up picking up a lot more than I thought, and thanks to Phillip's encouragement, I haven't even begun to feel guilty yet!  I had already picked and paid for quite a bit before he woke up... I anticipated the usual sigh when I buy yarn while he is asleep... I even prepared him by telling him that a divorce would really hurt the cats psyche.  To my utter surprise, he then mentioned I should check out the knit picks sale!  I think all the quick progress I'd made on Castle made him believe I was some sort of knitting factory, so thanks to Cecily, for somehow getting my husband to feel like I could knit all the yarn in the universe!  I ended up picking up more than a sweaters quantity of Ella Rae Heathers, in various tones--likely for a Tea with Jam & Bread pullover.

A lot of Knitpicks Merino Style (from a fellow Raveler), for an Effortless Cardigan.

And my splurge, Sweet Fiber Yarns, Cashmerino Luxe... The color was not quite what I anticipated--a lot more copper than the mustardy dark yellow I was anticipating, but the yarn is beautiful. It also happened to be practically free (well, sorta. at least in comparison to the original price), so many thanks to Loops for having the sale and quickly fulfilling my order! 

With the start of my weekend here, I am going back and forth on what's next...
Happy Knitting!

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