Friday, September 13, 2013

Finished: Pendulum & Pasha

These last few weeks have allowed me lots of time to work on Fiber Christmas yarn.  Gemini started it all and then I felt like I couldn't stop! Finished recently is Pendulum, which I am finally finally finally happy with.  All of my other color combinations ended up looking muddy, despite what I think is good color taste on my part.  Either way, I used the Lost City Knits sock and Shibui Sock (from Little Rock, Yarn Mart) and I love it! It turned out quite long, somewhere around 70 inches in wingspan but I have already worn it out and am really loving the way it lays. 

Also done was another Pasha hat, this time for myself in Lost City DK.  The color is really rich and I am really happy with it.  Now that my hair has grown out some, I feel like I can finally wear hats comfortably too, so this one will gets lots of wear this fall.  (Is it telling that I am wearing it as I type this?) 

The best news of all is that I have officially knit over 10,000 yards this year! 10,668 to be exact.
But who's counting? :) 

Happy Knitting!

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