Thursday, November 21, 2013

Finished: Featherweight

I really must figure out a way to type and knit at the same time... The cold weather is upon us and I can't stop dreaming of projects. It does not matter that I only have two hands, one brain and not enough power to knit like a real machine--I want it and I want it now.  In the last two-ish weeks I have finished three projects, all of which are Christmas gifts so I will have to save those for after the holidays.  Every year I always say I am not going to stress myself out with knitted gifts, but I always knit and I never stress out.
Finished a few days ago was my very first fingering sweater!  Featherweight in 220 fingering is complete and fits!  I don't know why I lagged on the last few pieces but I finally finished all those tiny stitches and I have a new little cardigan.  The project notes on Ravelry are basically right, the sleeves are a tad small and it probably would have trouble staying on if I hadn't made the collar a bit bigger.  I knit for an extra inch or two and it did make a difference.  (I am even planning other fingering sweaters...)
Recently, I started to feel bad for my husband.  I realized no matter the holiday, I always know what I want---yarn.  It does not matter that he chooses thoughtfully and well.  Deep down I am always dreaming he will surprise me with a room full of madelinetosh or Malabrigo.  But because he is so amazing and because I don't want to take anything from him, I decided to buy my own little holiday gift today.  It took a long, long, long time to decide but I filled a Webs cart with things my heart desired and I simply can not wait for the arrival.  It will include a sweaters worth of madelinetosh, madelinetosh skeins for shawls, and a few Dreamz replacement needles (technically he broke those so this was payback--an expensive one but still...) I will be sure to photograph (and swoon over it) all when it hits my doorstep.
I just received a shipment of Malabrigo chunky so I am aching to swatch for another Agnes sweater tonight.  Hopefully within a few days I will have a big, wooly monster to wear for the impending snow the forecasters say is coming.
Happy Knitting!
(In unrelated news, blogger has somehow managed to delete a majority of the photos from my posts... these posts will be removed soon, or fixed at some point.)

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