Saturday, December 31, 2011

Almost Finished: Winter's Fog Gloves/Stash Revamp

Almost there! One glove down, one to go... 

In other news, I decided to go through my entire stash on this last day of the year to be sure my online catalog is up to date so hopefully (yeah right) I will curb my yarn habit in the coming year.  It is relatively exciting to pull everything out and touch it all.  I have never had a stash big enough to "forget" about yarns, but it certainly does bring back anticipated project ideas while reviving my lust.   On one hand I feel very proud of my stash-- not too big, not too small, some amazingly sought after yarns/colorways, but I can't lie, there is a tinge of worry as I look through it all and wonder just how much money I have poured into this "habit"... It's not enough to make me regret buying this or that, but I am hoping it will weigh heavily on me this new year, as I try and avoid (the unavoidable) impulse gotta have its.

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