Monday, December 26, 2011


Sometimes I wonder whether my knitting makes gift giving holidays a little too easy for my Phillip.  For the last few years, any time one has come along, my response is inevitably the same... "I will pick out some yarn," and quite honestly, there has never been any shortage of yarns I am dying for. 

For Christmas, I received some amazing gifts.  Along with some roving and a book on spinning, I also got a couple of skeins of yarn from my MIL's trip to Oregon.  The colors are really gorgeous.. I will have to search Noro patterns for something to show off the color changes, for sure.

This morning I was also able to hit up my LYS for their after Christmas sale... Wow! First, the place was full  of people.. it was sort of shocking.  Then you can imagine my delight when I heard that everything  was a minimum of 15% off! It is possible I freaked people out by squealing, as this was the perfect opportunity to buy things I hadn't really planned on for a fraction of the cost.  There are certain yarns that knitters know never ever go on sale, and this was an amazing stroke of luck that I forced myself out of bed, as I had missed the note about the discount on yarn (Not sure why, but I did.).  Anyway, I left with 6 skeins of yarn for practically nothing! I ended up getting some Cascade 220 for a pair of cabled gloves for Phillip, another skein of Suri Merino, (which kills me--love love love love love this yarn!), some Berroco Comfort to match  my stash left overs, two skeins of Malabrigo Gruesa to try out of sheer curiosity, and last but not least, some Madelinetosh Vintage in French Gray, which practically gave me chills when I saw. (A LYS worker had posted on Rav before my trip that she had been gifted a sweaters worth--I experienced real envy then!)  I'd say the trip was a major success.

In the coming days I should be getting my drop spindle to try this spinning thing out.  I am nervous but have been  soaking in as many videos and books as possible so hopefully it will be a fruitful learning process.  
More soon... 

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