Saturday, December 28, 2013

See ya 2013...

The end of the year is upon me and I am reflecting on my finished projects and totals.  I lost a good week of knitting thanks to an unpredicted hospital stay a few weeks ago.  Ugh.  On one hand I am incredibly thankful to be home and getting better, but it was a wrench in my final few projects. 

My Christmas gifts have all gone to their forever homes.  For my mother in law was a set of All the Water mittens by Kristen Kapur in Blue Sky Suri Merino.  If you've ever used this yarn then you already know they are soft and lovely--no surprise there.
Previously finished was a Windschief hat for my father in law.  He and Phillip often bike together so hopefully the hat will be helpful this winter.

As I think about all the projects I finished, I can't believe my hands went so quickly... I managed to finish 38 projects, 11 of which were full sized garments.  It's insane to think that many yards (16,400+) and that many skeins were wound, knit, and blocked into submission.  I can't even imagine what will be done this time next year.  I also managed to begin (but not finish) three new projects prior to the hospital stay including a Rock Island Shawl for Julie, a Zig and Zag Cowl for Rachael, and an Indigo Ripples Skirt for me.  Hopefully these few will be done quickly and I can move toward beating my yardage totals in 2014.

Happy Knitting (and New Year)!

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