Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Finished: Guernsey Wrap

Not much to say about this knit... it only took me a few days so I feel like a loser for saying that toward the end I became slightly fatigued and bored with only knitting and purling (especially after endless days of ribbing on Edie). The pattern is really well written, and interesting, and Jared's design has a great sampler quality, so I certainly understand why people have (and are continuing to) knit this in flocks.  I was concerned that with my yarn choice that my finished product may be quite a bit smaller than I wanted, but I always seem to forget that I am missing some significant height in comparison to others... (or as Phillip would say I have an easy excuse to quit early).  Overall, I am happy with the finished product and am glad I finally made the damn thing, after looking over and owning the pattern for the better part of the year.  I have a feeling this will not be the last of Jared's patterns that call my name... 

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