Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks...for yarn!

Thanksgiving is  upon us and there is really no need to ramble on about how much I am thankful for.  A great family, a nice couple of cats, you know the drill.  I tend to feel thankful often--even if I don't always express it--, so it is sort of funny that this holiday as I am prepping for an out of town trip, I am mulling over how thankful I am for the outlet of knitting and of course, all the amazing yarn out there. 

I have been off work this week, packing, cooking, running around the house in a cleaning rage though the entire time in the back of my mind, I kept wondering what projects I would be taking along, if and when I was going to get to the yarn store... it sounds very silly if you aren't a knitter but for most (not usually me, another thing to be thankful for..) car time equals prime, uninterrupted knitting time that usually doesn't come so easily. 

Of course, I made time to visit the store, pick out a few balls to take along and now as the cooking and cleaning are done, I am furiously searching Ravelry for a hat pattern... and so the cycle continues.

I plan to make another Avery cowl (for me!) in Berroco Comfort in the Beet Root color.  There are plenty of yarns I sought out, played with, but I couldn't help myself from choosing this washable staple, yet again.

And for the yet to be chosen hat, Cascade 220 in the Silver Gray colorway.  (By the way, now that my hair has grown to proportions that are conducive to wearing hats... it's on!) 

I imagine I will be back in a few days to show the progress.... Happy Knitting!

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